Vision and Mission of the School

SPS VISION - SPS vision is to impart a better education to the scholars for upliftment of their standards in society. It is our desire to make them such scholars who could compete IAS, IFS, IPS, MBBS, MCA, MBA, Engineering, Laws. We also want to make such scholars to serve Nation Builders. We also provide confidence in them to achieve higher standards.

SPS MISSION -  Systematic & well Planned Education is the guiding force for a student. All round development of a student is our motto. So we have provide a competitive & comparative study through appearing in different types of competition online & offline. Our students has won 1st award in I-PLEA 2013 & 2nd award in EUREKA International 2014 as well as Ist & IInd award in IEo 2015, conducted by City Montessori School Lucknow among 62 National & International School. We have also established Career Counselling Lab, Lnaguage Lab, Attractive Library, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Lab, Music Lab, Hostel, Smart Class, & all the sports goods for indoor & outdoor games.


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