Extra Co-Curricular Activities

1.STREET PLAY : - Students of class 9th & 12th went out in nearby street and performed a Street Play for the people in crowd. The play was performed on the topic "Drug Addiction ". They performed well and promoted the youth to avoid the use of such drugs.

2.RALLY : - Students of class 9th & 12th organised a March Past rally with the theme of " Save Water Save Life " in order to promote the ideas to conserve water for future in the society. They went through different areas and tried to encourage people.

3.GARDENING  : - In order to maintain a healthy environment for future, we have to start from base of preservation. Thus, students of class LKG to 12th showed their love for nature by planting many sapling and swear to take care of them.

4.FIRST-AID : - Everyone should be ready for any twist in his life, a little precaution can avoid a major harm. Thus student of class IX to X were taught of basic first aid in the school. So that they can face any incident in their life with care.


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